The store will be closed between May 14th through June 17th

I'm off between May 14 through June 17th

I'm taking some time off. I'll be back taking your orders starting Monday June 17th.

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Iris from i-bake4u

About Me

Since my childhood, back in Israel, my favorite thing to do was to bake for our guests and family. I love to create, experimente, and develop new recipes. I also takes pride in perfecting the lookd of my creations.

Each cake is made with love and attention to details to make sure you and your guests are happy. I enjoy watching my cakes turn into a pile of crumbs in seconds...

It is not uncommon for my customers to order double the amount they need and hide the extras in their pantry to ensure they have something left to have with their next-day's morning coffee, lunch and dinner...